Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day

Typically long holiday weekends are about catching up on house work, laundry, sleep, laundry, yard work and laundry. We had planned on going camping. The rain threatened to put up a fight. We let the rain win.

My sister came in to town instead and it always gives us an excuse to lounge more......take evening lots of yummy food.....jump rope....color....sit on the back porch at moms and catch up on life while the kids play in the water (oh and mom is slaving inside making us MORE food....I promise we do exercise!) around the market and buy fresh veggies and fruit to be devoured quickly.....lay in the watchin' of the 3 oldest kids. You get the idea, my house is a wreck but man is my belly and heart are full and happy!!
you know a day is not complete without this
shadows of some walkers

kids camera playing
especially in the summa time
we never leave with empty baskets
of local yumminess
and alien balloons hitching free rides on backs
sister lovin'
market art
asiago cheese shredded over sweet onions and grilled in the'll fight over them I PROMISE!!
always new things to learn......EVERYDAY
these girls LOVE some baseball
It was hard to go back to work Tuesday morning I tell hard

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