Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I love going to weddings.
To dress up with accessories.....which I have VERY few of
To get dressed up, which we rarely do.....AND be kidless ,which we make an effort to do a couple times a month
Smiling ALL afternoon and into the evening cause weddings make you do that......unless it coincides with your BF moving 7 hours away
Being in a beautiful building which is decoration in itself
Celebrating marriage.....not always easy but OH SO worth it!
*These are mutual friends but more friends of Jon's and I must say that as we crossed the street to walk in to the building and saw Eric's HUGE smile I was hit with the thought that we were going to a "HAPPY" event instead of a sad one.......these last couple years have brought far too many deaths in our circles and it was GREAT to be a part of HAPPINESS!
Cheers to growing old together happily!


H-Dog said...

Ohhhhhhh what a sad moment that was when we finally had to say good-bye for real......it was like when I left for CA all over again :) So glad we've managed to cross those 7 hrs of road many times over the years though.

greenchickadee said...

I just LOVE your outlook on life! This is a perfect example of it. And, I'm loving your little yellow clutch. Fabulous!

Melanie Anne said...

You look beautiful!! I love your ring and dress. I agree it is so fun to dress up and spend the day with your hubby without kids! I love weddings! Thanks for the heads up on a snow shack here in Chattanooga--my boys thank you:) Hope you have a happy summer too!!