Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom's Day

Sleeping in. Breakfast in bed of fruit smoothies, eggs, and toast. Handmade AND store bought cards. Sewing book. No breakfast clean up. Flowers. NO SCHEDULES. Meandering around at the market. Veggie dogs. Music. Laughter. Sunny blue skies. Talking. Saying "Happy Mother's Day" and getting "Happy Mother's Day". Hula Hooping. Fresh Lettuce. Kettle Corn. Goat cheese. Bubbles. Dinner with my Mother-in-law and family. Homemade strawberry shortcake. Crayon Tattoo's. My girls. My HUSBAND who GAVE ME theses girls which made me a MOTHER. Thinking of my mom who shaped me in to the mom I am today. Remembering my grandmother who influenced me in so many ways. Relishing in the fact that I am a mom.

The happenings of my day. A GOOD day INDEED! We were in no hurry and had NO where we HAD to be. Missed my mom who had to work. Missed my grandmother who is no longer on this earth. BUT so very thankful to be a mom and feel completely blessed that God chose ME to be the mother of Kayden Helena and Emery Grae.......even on the tough days.


The Hadfields said...

those little girls are SOOOOO lucky to have a mommy like YOU!

Heather Figueiredo said...

Gotta admit I'm a little jealous of your relaxing day. I'm craving one of those....especically on Sunday. Soon!!

Enjoyed all your pictures! Hope to see them in frames around your house!