Thursday, May 13, 2010


Jon was mowing the lawn last he was nearing the ditch (don't ask about the ditch in the backyard....sore subject!) he looked up and was startled when he saw this BIG creature slowing maneuvering his way through the tiny bit of woody area in our backyard.

a beautiful snapping turtle
Jon said he was FILTHY so he retrieved the water hose and completely washed him off. In the process of cleaning him Jon said that he opened his mouth, not trying to snap but obviously thirsty. They gave him lots of water and cleaned him up.
*he is sooooo clean you can see the reflection of Jon's shorts on his back*
And he continued on his journey to where? We have no idea. But when I got home from work and found out about him I ran out back and there was NO sign of him......which was not long after them seeing him
*look at that tail*
We love the zoo, we go often. BUT when you can experience animals, birds, reptiles, insects out in nature in a "real life" experience it's ALL the more memorable and enjoyable
During bedtime prayers Kayden's went like this: "Dear Jesus, thank for all the wonderful and beautiful creatures you have made for us. Like the turtle and moth (captured on her camera but not mine and OH MY the artwork on the body and wings of a moth is unreal!!) that I got to see today. I love you. Amen


k a t y said...

Kera! Of course you can be a cyber sister!! The more the merrier, right? Loved the snapping turtle story and the prayer.

Heidi said...

funny- Jackson just asked yesterday when he could hold a turtle. We have seen a few this year (heather & I have seen a ton on the road :( ). we need to find a box one for him. great post!