Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Train Depot "I do's"

We atteneded another "I DO" ceremony Friday night and decided the kids would have some fun coming along to this one! *some you just know aren't kid friendly and not worth the fight of forcing them to sit still and zip their lips* Don't you think, though, that they didn't put up and fight of NOT WANTING TO GO!!
It was at a really unique old train depot! Great character to the place and I love those kinds of settings!

The girls grabbed a bite of food......enough to give them the boost of energy needed to dance the night away The lights were dimmed.....flashes of various colors popped on and off making it EVEN better
Lemonade was served and gulped by the cup fulls
The candy table in the middle of the depot made the night even sweeter.....
running to grab a sugar boost in between songs
and then back to twirling and whirling in a sea of bubble heaven
........ and cute shoes
........and I should add that I had 2 girls who practically cried the whole way home cause they DIDN'T want to leave! Somehow mom's know best *most of the time*.


greenchickadee said...

What a fun wedding site! Why didn't I think of that 13 years ago? :)
Two questions:

Where did you get those shoes?!? Tell me NOW! I must get some!

And what are you doing posting on this blog at 2:40 am?!

I'm done now. :)

The Hadfields said...

what a fun wedding!