Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Kayden was invited to one of her friends' birthday parties recently......SKATING! This is the 2nd time in her life she has skated. I don't get pleaser out of watching kids try to keep their balance or fall but MAN it's entertaining to watch a large group of kids attempt to stay upright with 4 wheels under their feet!!

A little practicing on the carpet before hitting the floor....
This girl has determination like no other, I can't count how many times she fell.......
.....but right back up to try again & again
......until she finally got the hang of it, maybe even with some help from the Birthday girl!
Lexi....the Birthday girl!
One of the many reasons it's good to have help pick you up when you fall......sweet girls!

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kristi said...

rollerskates...brings back some memories. it's such a girl thing, no?