Monday, October 24, 2011

Violin Recital

Kayden is in her 2nd year of Violin, music of some sort will always be a must....I think it's important! We did Kindermusik when they were little & they LOVED it! "Smarter"? No clue, but it was a fun 1 hour of bonding time through music!! My mom had us in piano lessons as kids, then later on {high school} we were in the band & choir......sadly I've let them all go.......

Kayden recently had a recital, nothing formal rather just an opportunity to get her comfortable playing a song by memory in front of an audience!

My some rare days they will stand next to each other, arms overlapping or heads touching without a cat fight following!
you already know it makes my heart swell!
This one stumps me every time....she can be super shy in front of people on some occasions & not seem to care one single bit on others.....the latter of the 2 occurred that night!
She played perfectly.....didn't miss a single note!
I think she is really going to take off this year....we LOVE LOVE her new teacher which in turn is causing her to have a new found LOVE of this piece of wood! Even pulling it out at night to sound out an entire song: Jesus Loves Me!

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