Thursday, October 6, 2011

LE Belly {said elly belly!}

If you know this sparkling smiley girl you know she's the sunshine in our lives!! She sincerely makes you feel like the most loved person when you walk into her sight! She loves to sing, she loves to smile, she loves to talk, she loves to wear high heels, she loves to wear any & all jewelery, she loves to carry a bag filled with stuff, SHE LOVES LIFE!!
She turned 3 not to long ago.....if you ask her, even today, she'll say "I be free in a couple hours"!
I am Kiki to her
celebrating with her older sister
she opened up every present & gushed like each one was her most favorite!! by the end she had about 3 or 4 layers of outfits & all the rest was tucked into her new backpack!
she LOVES "Beggie Tales" & knows every song they sing! so what other way to celebrate but a beggie tale birthday!
Bob the tomato & Larry the cucumber
Happy Birthday sweet never cease in making us smile & laugh when you are in our presence!! WE LOVE YOU!
{does this not make you laugh? stuffed mouth, hand on hip.....she thinks she's 21!}

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Erika Reiner said...

I love the "Beggie Tale" theme...I love watching these myself. Those cupcakes are adorable. How cute is Lauren on her bday???