Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My heart & mind are primarily with my uncle this is a bit tougher than I had thought being this far away! So in pacifying my urge to want to head back to TX I'm doing some blogging this week of some fun we had with him this summer in Michigan! For the past 4 summers we've spent a week in Michigan visiting our family & camping......good memories! It's what I remember loving as a child & I can already tell it's a favorite anticipated summer to do for my girls! Uncle Rolly's wife....aka Aunt Nancy always has some fun stuff tucked up her sleeve for the girls to do! This year was no different! So in between eating & catching up with our Detroit family the kids are doing things like this......
I mean.....what kid doesn't love to get dirty with some paint? 
 I'm curious is this ever washed completely away.....
 I can't help but be honest & say that this summer with my uncle just felt different {were we being prepared for the diagnosis of cancer he just received?.....I can't help but ponder that!}.....we connected a little more....bonded a little more....over all our time together {for whatever reason} just felt EXTRA special! One night despite the bed screaming our names we stayed up & played ping pong after the kids were in bed! Many laughs!
 Another day found us bowling.....even the adults.......
 but pretty sure these 5 little people beat us!!
 The evenings found all the family together at Uncle Rolly's for dinner & talking......perfect!
 Uncle Klaus/Uncle Rolly/Me/Cousin Peter
 They have a great back yard & for the most part everyone clicks well.....
Are your kids obsessed with Hex Bugs?
My uncle whom I call might call him the Master Teaser....I guess I learned any teasing skills I posses from him!
These 2......jokster 1 & jokster 2!
My Aunt whom I can grandma's sister & I CHERISH our time with makes me feel connected to my grandma who isn't on this earth anymore. She can handle teasing like no body's business, she's the MASTER potato salad maker, she's non-judgemental, she LOVES unconditionally, & I LOVE the way she says my name......the way her German accent rolls the R in Kera makes me smile!
 It's nothing short of relaxing......there just isn't anything that compares to a Michigan evening outside! 

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