Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tree Decorating

We brought our tree home the Sunday after Thanksgiving & it promptly began to rain. For days. So much that we weren't able to bring it inside until Friday evening.
{next 3 photo's courtesy of Emery Grae}
 The tree went up perfectly straight the 1st time which is UNHEARD of in our home!!
 Jon & I have a pretty good system working together getting the lights strung to the tree.....
 Our only hiccup every. single. year is that the girls think they are able to string the top half of the tree & get a bit antsy waiting for the stringing to get down to their level! 
 Christmas music plays in the background while we happily {& sometimes unhappily} string away......depending on the time we start decorating we typically wait until the next day/night to add the ornaments but always end this part of our night with a Christmas movie! I AM A SUCKER FOR TRADITIONS!


Heidi said...

We have the same tradition... with the setting up of the tree! We do a nice dinner, the tree (all in one night) with fun Christmas music playing. It was a bit more untraditional this year though... and we were SO LATE getting it up. I LOVE your tree!!

Melanie Anne said...

Hi Kera my blogging friend:)
Just thought i would check in. How are you doing? It looks like you had fun decorating your tree:) Hope your New year is going well! xo