Friday, March 8, 2013

Kayden's 9th Birthday

Oh for the love of always catching here we go again! Kayden's Birthday was 12/20/12 which we celebrated on the 16th of December! We try hard to keep her birthday as far away from anything Christmas as possible {now I'm laughing as I see 3 Christmas trees behind her!!} & so some years it's been a no brainer as to what she wants to do while other years a bit more thought has to be put into the planning! This year we struggled a, bowling, skating, etc just didn't seem appealing to her.....or me for that matter! 
I stumbled upon this place called Homespun.....{never heard of it prior to Kayden's party but we instantly fell in LOVE the minute we walked in}.....they specialize in wedding/reception planning but parties/crafting are also a specialty! So I hesitantly called {unsure if kid parties were on the menu!} inquiring about a birthday party for a 9 year old girl & I got the best response!! They sent me ideas of crafts for her to choose from, the price was affordable, no decorations needed.....we were IN!!
The place oozes our style......
My girl.....she has her own style & I LOVE watching her grow....THAT SMILE & THOSE EYES!!! Melt my heart!!
I decided on a momma-made-cake this year & she couldn't have been anymore excited! Fed into a few minutes worth of guilt for never having done this before! But that quickly passed with a reminder from my mother.....she'll have many more celebrations to come! She chose the cake & frosting flavors & paper.....momma did the rest! 
 Who doesn't love a fancy straw......
  ......with a fizzy Izze drink?
 There were piles & piles of strips of fabric that the girls chose from.......
 They set to work on braiding 2 different sections.....

& while they were busy braiding......
  I was able to peruse their precious space!!
 These 2.....what's not to say about THESE 2!!! 
 Super cute home-made tent screaming for pictures.....none better than the girl being celebrated!!
 & then there's this chick whom we proudly claim but isn't always interested in participating in her cousins choice of celebrations BUT wouldn't miss the party if her life depended on it!!
 & the only guy there who I KNOW secretly LOVES being surrounded by a bunch of girls....
 The end result of their crafting was the CUTEST braided fabric headband with a fabric flower!! She insisted on wearing her hat so she just added the headband to it!
  I pray ALL your wishes come true.....
I KNOW!!!! I KNOW!!!
 By the time we left there was not a morsel left on the cake plate.....happy momma since it was her 1st go at it! 
 Present opening time!
 All girls together
 Kayden & one of her little best friends! 


Heidi said...

This is SO you & I LOVE that Kayden loves it so much too! Your homemade cake makes me VERY proud! Perfect birthday Kayden!

dig this chick said...

Very sweet! And wonderful job on the cake!!! Looks happy and lovely all around.

kristi said...

i know i say this all the time, but she is gorgeous. just like her mama.

i feel like i never get a chance to tell you how much your comments mean to me. you always speak from the heart and i find a lot of strength in the words you so generously leave me. so thank you.