Monday, August 15, 2011

1st Day of SCHOOL

It was as exciting as their faces show!!
Emery was over the top excited as seen by only tiny slits of her eyes showing......I think excited to FINALLY be a part of the picture rather than just watching the picture being taken!
We dropped Kayden off first.....her teacher is Mrs Greenleaf & I can already tell it's gonna be a great year! Kayden didn't stop talking about EVERY last detail of her day when I picked her up!
2nd Grade {or peace!}
Messenger bags are HIGHLY preferred by the girls in my house.....Kayd had her heart set on some shade of green when we started this messenger bag browsing & ll bean pulled through! Best lunch "box" ever made! Spill spill spill as they may.....dowsing them in some soapy water, a quick rinse, lay out to dry....WAAAALLLLAAA brand new again!
Time for good-bye's
If you had asked me at the beginning of the summer if my baby was ready for Kindergarten I would have FIRMLY answered NO! All she wanted was to stay home with me & be home schooled {per her}! BUT a girl is subject to change her mind at any given moment & this little girl did just that!! She walked confidently & excitedly down the hall to her classroom!
Mrs Benge whom we already know & love!!
It's as if she'd already been "schooled" on just what to do & where to go.....we walked into the classroom & with ease she did just what she was supposed to do without being told! PERKS of an older sister!
Before we knew it the 1st bell had rung & that was our clue to leave.....I asked Emery if she was ready for us to go & her reply was "YES"!! I snuck in one more squeeze much to her dismay & just like that she ran off to play!
No tears shed from mom or dad {can't confirm if tears were or were not shed by Jon in the car....he was quite sad}......see life was in perspective that early Wednesday morning. The dad of a friend of ours died at the early age of 62 from cancer Tuesday. Then sometime Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning the brother of a sweet friend of mine passed away at the WAY TO EARLY age of 25 from a rare form of brain cancer. So as I dropped my girls off at school Wednesday morning I wasn't relieved to get them out of my hair but rather excited that I HAVE 2 HEALTHY GIRLS TO DROP OFF AT SCHOOL! That's a WHOLE LOT to be happy & grateful about!!


Melanie Anne said...

What a sweet post!! your girls are darling! Sos sorry to hear about the loss of some of your friends. Life is so fragile we do need to appreciate every day with the ones we love! Happy new year to you and your family!

Erika Reiner said...

Where do confident kids come from??? Good parents!!!

I love that Em knew just what to do! If I could make a prediction, she is going to really blow classes out of the water! She is brilliant! Can't wait to watch her grow with school. the green! it's my FAV color! She has just amazed me at how smart, creative and sensitive she is! I love it!

Give the girls some auntie love! Proud of them as they start a new year!

Agree with Melanie on fragility and am thankful we have a heavenly Father who has a backout plan from this world! We will see our loved ones again!!!