Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Woman of Faith....IMAGINE

I feel like I haven't blogged in WEEKS!!!......riiiigghhhht cause I haven't! Phew....who ever says "what will I ever do with myself when all my kids out of the house at school" must be totally organized! I've got so much catching up to do that I'm already scared it won't be done before summer break!
SO on to the point of this blog! Have you ever heard of or been to "Woman of Faith"?? It's not a Baptist thing, it's not a Morman thing, it's not a Seventh Day Adventist thing, it's not a Methodist thing.....nope it's a whole BIG BUNCH of Christian woman gathering together to praise God through music & speakers! It was an absolute hands down AWESOME way to bond with your mother, sister, best friends, new friends, old friends, & strangers!! We laughed, we cried, we had many "uh huh" moments, we took notes, we SANG at the top of our lungs as if we were the next christian rock star, we smiled, we clapped our hands & stomped our feet the beat of beautiful music........oh the list could go on! It was worth every penny of the $89 we spent!!

Friday morning prior to heading out to the 1st meetings of the day.......only 6 out of many in our group
My beautiful inside & out friend Erika stopping for a quick pose prior to the start of the program
It's always fun and refreshing to have a girls only night out for dinner!
AND UM HI to the only smart ladies out of the hundreds of thousands there.....who doesn't LOVE some sushi?? I guess not too many! We practically had the entire restaurant to ourselves!
And no complaints on the food!
Just so you know this was not an ALL green sushi....I subb'ed some fish for spinach!
I've said it many times before but I do love that my mom loves my friends like her own children and they love her just the same!
Must squeeze in many photo's when you only see friends a couple times a year if you're lucky!
Saturday morning.....really you should go with your mom & sister{s} cause it just makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable!
Bestie from highschool! Lives in Atlanta so she came for the day!
Gave me chills every so often to look around & just picture God smiling down watching SOOOO many woman together in 1 building praising HIM!!
You can buy your ticket on line or you can have an AWESOME group leader who gathers a group of woman together to get an affordable group rate ticket!! That's the route we took!
This is our group leader Jennifer Coble & her beautiful daughter Ashely {a friend of mine!}
2 above the average highlights for me were:
Angie Smith whom I adore & feel like a personal/close friend of.....nope I don't know her at all except through her blog where she writes with transparency & an ENORMOUS love for also helps that she's SUPER funny!! Angie's husband is Todd Smith from Selah of whom I've become a big fan!! The next highlight & not on the program was some singing by Laura Story who sings this beautiful & touching song "Blessings". Both just icing on the cake from a whole weekend of blessings through many great speakers!
{Angie Smith}
I encourage you to check when WOF might be in your's worth every penny you will spend! I promise you will leave feeling so FULL of God you'll want to burst OUT & share it with the world!! It's even better when you have some family/friends to share the experience with!

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Erika Reiner said...

With tears....not much more I can say about you and your family than....I LOVE YOU from the deepest part of me.

With goosebumps....God IS good ALL the true.