Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mud Run

Several weeks ago Jon & I participated in an race called the Mud Run. It benefits Habitat for Humanity of the greater Chattanooga area! SO. MUCH. FUN. It's a mixture of running, obstacles, slippery hill climbs, tunnel crawls, 4 foot wall climbs, & lots of mud pits! When you can take the pressure out of a race fully going into knowing you're not trying to beat a previous race time & you're just out there for fun WOW it's SOOOO much fun!! Who knew??!! AND that you're racing for a great cause! All the better!
I was invited by our good friends Kami & Carter Fowler to join their group while Jon joined a group of people from his essentially we were racing against each other! We made bets as to who would "win" & yep you guessed it!! WE DID!!

Kami & Carter pre-race
One person from each team had to wear the "time chip" & that person was me
Our team pre-race: Dirty Girls & a guy
The ever creative Kami who came up with our outfits & GRACIOUSLY offered to make all of our tutu's
Silliness prevails! I'm telling you it was a morning of laughter!
Last minute a member of Jon's team couldn't race & so one of my running buddies {Teri} joined their team
Acting cordial pre-race even though we were rivals!
Just getting started
1st climbing wall
Didn't realize how careful we really needed to be going over these walls because the wall we went over after this one is when we lost a team member who BROKE her ankle! Ouch!
Bye to the camera.....wouldn't see Jon until post-race
Post-race.....not even that muddy! We found that you had to make extra efforts to dive and crawl around in the mud to really get dirty! Leah on the far left is the one who broke her ankle.....poor thing
3 standing girls left
After a few post race pictures with my team I was able to catch Jon's team running the last leg of their race
Last over the wall climb
This is who owns the Real Estate Company Jon works at. He cracked me up with his technique of getting over the wall....he was exhausted at this point!
Post-race you could take your shoes off and leave them.....they washed the shoes and gave them to the homeless
A few more post-race's really funny because I can't really see a difference in pre and post race pics! Our tutu's dried up nicely & we weren't super muddy........
......minus our legs
& hands!
This will FOR SURE be an annual race for us!! Good times! Great memories!!


Melanie Anne said...

That looks so fun!! I am so out of it--I only hear about the fun events in Chattanooga after the fact by reading your cute blog:) Good think I have you to clue me in for next year! :) I loved your Tu Tus--your team was adorable!!

kristi said...

You always look like your having the best time. x.