Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reporting of 2 August Birthday's in September....

I get to share a birthday with my best friend EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR!! My twin! Yep! A pretty lucky girl I am!! Love this, especially years where maybe we are more low key about the this year! But we were together & it was instantly a party! My mom always has a special "Sabbath lunch" {our church day to those unfamiliar as to what "Sabbath" is}, it's a tradition we all look forward & adults!
So here are some scenes from our "special lunch"
always have been a HUGE fan of jelly bean......most the jelly belly sorts!

you will find a variety of foods on these "special lunch" days as we just tell mom some of our favorite foods
special hand made/wrapped gifts from the girls.....warms my heart!!
{from Kayden}
{from Emery}
{gift basket from mom}
My chosen cake every year.....cheesecake! It's the best EVER!
"The Blowing Out Face"! It's just become a tradition!!......and I love all the kids doing their own Lauren thinking I'm the craziness Aunt EVER! Or Kayden trying to keep Emery from blowing out my candles!!
and while we dined on YUMMY cheesecake the kids ate ice cream out of the carton & cookies {HELLO HEATHER CHAPMAN!!}......who has the best Aumie {my mom} EVER?!!!
Our actual birthday found me at a computer class but that evening we all met up for dinner
Tired & dirty from school and all!
You didn't think we'd fail you on "the blowing out face" did you??
I LOVE LOVE LOVE her with all my heart & couldn't imagine another person to share my birthday with!


Erika Reiner said...

Love the blowing out candles faces!

Heather said...

I'm gonna need the recipe for whatever that yummy looking noodle dish is on that plate!! :)

kristi said...

and you both have two cute. happy 36th...are you a leo august?

kristi said...

do you read this blog
i think you would like it. x.