Thursday, September 29, 2011

NOT So Laboring Of A Weekend

Labor Day weekend found us tucked away in the country.......
........surrounded by trees & a creek....CAMPING!
even a little rafting was in order
Sunday morning we ventured out of camp which we don't normally do but it was a fun afternoon of window shopping......
middle of the woods mini-golfing......challenging I tell you!
BUT fun!
love nature heart finds
thanks to tammy & taylor for smiling & making the rest of look a bit looney!!
fishing pre-man-made-fishing pole style
love this guy & not just because he whipped up a yummy vegetable stir-fry
nature torch makin
triple chocolate dutch oven cake for my jealous! THANKS TAMMY!
banana boats for the kids
chaco lovin' family
AND last but surely not least......a hughes camping trip would never be complete without packing up in the down pouring rain!! at least someone's enjoying it!
another enjoyable nature.....without the buzzzzzz of life! see you again in october woods!

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