Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a bestie visits.......

i HATE that most of my besties live far from me & that at any given moment i can't just make a call to grab a cup of coffee! but i LOVE when we are able to get together.....even for a few hours! even for an unexpected visit. even when my house is filled with dust balls. even when my vacuum has become bff's with my kitchen chair {cause he can't seem to make his way to the closet!}. even when we don't really have food bought for a meal. even when my iron/ironing board have become a seemingly permanent fixture in our living room. even when the toilets may have some filth lingering on them. {did i just admit that?} even when i haven't had a shower ALL DAY & i smell from a post work out session......9 hours earlier.
yep......she arrived & it's as if my own child/husband entered my home. i could have cared less of all the above mentioned {well almost!}.......she could have cared less!
we dined on lentil stew & cornbread
we laughed about nothing AND everything
and the kids acted themselves.......cause she's family to us!
BONUS......she'll throw you over her shoulders & run around the house till your empty of the giggles!
the only thing i left longing for more of was her presence......MOVE HOME ROSIE! you are loved.
{what's kinda nice too is i still was able to blog about this cause you can't see dust & dirt in pictures.......BUT did you notice the vacuum & iron? they thought they needed their photo op too!}

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Erika Reiner said...

I know you alll tooooo well to know that "dirty" in your house means near perfectly clean in our house!!! I can't believe a word you say...........LOL!!!

looks like a fun time had by all. Wish i could have been there!