Friday, February 24, 2012

School Friends, Teachers, & Cousins Valentines!

I always like to try & do something a little out of the ordinary for Valentines Day.....something that does NOT involve candy!! I, of course, get my girls' okay & opinions before getting started!! Pinterest is all the rage right now & while I don't really peruse the site often it is my "go to" when I'm feeling creatively stumped! I love that you can find an idea but then turn around & make it all your own!
"Love Juice" is what we decided on!
It was perfect for everyone.....teachers, cousins, AND school friends!
Bottle of water, straw, ribbon, packet of water flavoring.....
.....Valentine Vintage paper.....
AND VOILA mission accomplished {I use voila loosely as this was a but time consuming....who decides to make 60 of these the night before Valentines?? Mrs Procrastinator that's who!}!! The girls were pretty excited too!! They would totally be fine with the traditional cards but they get extra excited about something original!

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Melanie Anne said...

What a darling idea--and so smart to have a sugarfree offering!! I love it and may have to stel your idea for next year:) What kid would not love that!Brilliant!