Friday, February 17, 2012

Lula Lake Falls

Life has been abnormal for us these days.....SO very much to be thankful for but none the less abnormal. What was suppose to be a "normal" event turned into the BIGGEST whirlwind our entire family has ever been in {well except for my mom who has had too many tragedy's occur in her lifetime}. I will blog another day about the progress of my sister but for now you can keep up with her through her Caring Bridge site here. She is on the up & up & so life for us is returning to our normal crazy!! A couple Saturday's ago instead of the obligatory {but dreamy if you're an adult!!} nap post church & too much lunch we decided go explore some new territory! There is a new free Chattanooga outdoor magazine & Jon was reminded through reading an issue that we had never been to Lula Lake Falls! It was truly just what we needed. Stuffy hospitals can get......well just that. TOO STUFFY! So some good out of doors air is just the medicine we needed!!
I've said it before but it's worth repeating.....being outside is good for our family....we can explore & run & yell & splash & laugh & jump without the usual "stop that" "don't do that" "don't' touch that" "be quiet" 's that "normal" indoor life can bring!
buried "treasure"
daddy:daughter 1:1 time
puddle jumping
a little teaching on earth shifting
a dreamy swimming hole.....but no swimming allowed
I LOVE a good hike when the girls are feel adventurous & their own curiosity keeps them moving
beaver home? probably not but looked like it to me!
most of the hike found us canopied under trees
the beautiful Lula Lake Falls.....& this is NOTHING compared to some months!
outdoor hand washing
beautiful slime
this screamed.....COME SWIM & THEN REST HERE {in warmer months of course!}
natural rock graffiti
mule & her plow
we could have explored longer but droplets turned into a down pour & we had to turn back.....
Jon pulled out some of his old skateboard moves!
......which the oldest niece found just as fun!
This is definitely a place we will be coming back to!! Even if it rains!
There was a Starbucks on our way home & decided some warm drinks would help our cold wet bodies....or singing & dancing in the rain! Either way we all left happy.....a good day spent outside!


Melanie Anne said...

What a delightful afternoon!! I need to remember that LuLa Lake Falls. That looks so fun--I just know my boys would LOVE it:)
Hope your doing well!

kristi said...

gorgeous photos.

tate and i adventured, just the two of us, this afternoon and it was dreamy.

off to peek in on your sister's progress.


AzĂșcar said...

You got it :) Courtney and I were trying to be funny. Thanks for getting our joke!