Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm not sure who visits this site these days.....those who do probably already know the news. But for some reason if there are a few stragglers who pop in here we are begging prayers for my baby sister Karlie!! Monday night she went into the hospital for a scheduled induction to have her sweet baby Mackenzie Grace! Minus gestational diabetes, which the Dr's had under control, she was in good health & all was well with baby!! By Tuesday around 6pm she had only dilated to 3cm & her Dr felt it was time for a C-Section due to her slow dilitation, almost like this was the baby's way of saying I can't come out vaginally! This was not emergent, it was a very controlled & un-rushed setting. We were just getting ready to roll her over to the OR & she was complaining of not being able to breath or cough. In less than a minute she coded {NOT BREATHING & NO PULSE}. I'll spare you some of the grueling details but they had to shock her 5 times & finally got a heartbeat after 14 minutes of her being down. She & her sweet little Mackenzie are both on a ventilator & intubated. They are on a cooling protocol which lowers their body temperatures significantly to protect their brains. We are uncertain of the outcome for both of them but we believe God is HUGE & He is the ALMIGHTY HEALER & GREAT PHYSICIAN! Karlie's life of getting to this day is a miracle & I believe that God is not finished with her yet! She has a story to tell! SO PLEASE WE COVETT YOUR PRAYERS!! Any & all prayers!! PLEASE! We started a Caring Bridge site so that everyone can follow along in her process!!


Melanie Anne said...

Oh Kera,
I am so very sorry to read this tonight. I will most definetly keep her and her sweet baby in my prayers!! Sending love your way too!

kristi said...

i feel for your family and have been sending my positive thoughts from across the oceans. i have a thought of you daily since i read your story over on my little blog. i know your sister is home, but the road ahead still sounds like a rough one. many prayers. xoxoxoxox