Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas was beautiful.....not snowy white beautiful like last year but beautiful none the less! Beautiful because we're healthy, we were surrounded by family, we have SO MUCH. Of everything. SO MUCH that other's do not have. AND we have an ever loving Savior who loves us despite all of our sinful ways! Yes....this was a beautiful Christmas!
We started the day with church & we were able to hug on a bestie for a few minutes!
From church we went to lunch....nice to go somewhere fancy-ish but eat a grill cheese sandwich {mushrooms & goat cheese were involved}
who says ketchup can't be lipstick?
desert for the kids....cookies bigger than their faces!
From lunch we headed to my moms for a very relaxing few hours
{Jon bought all the woman "Stars of Bethlehem". Kristi called him a brown noser!}
Once the sun had set we had worship....1st reading a card that my grandparents had sent to my mom several years ago with a sweet message inside. Several tears were shed.....miss those grandparents. Bad. This card was a "gift" from Readers Digest.....they passed it along as a Christmas card cause that's just them! Waste not want not!! Good motto I think....hmmmm New Years Resolution?!
Followed by the 2 oldest taking turns reading about Jesus' Birth.....precious!
{we are German....cuckoo clocks are a part of our family. Found this ornament for mom!}
The excitement of gift opening could NO LONGER be contained!
If you don't know about Teavana....you should. Along with YUMMY tea they also have teapots....you can choose pots according to the receivers personality! This one stands for Strong Person & Shielder=Our Mother!
This niece of mine is easy peasy to pull tricks on.....never says anything BUT thank-you! {last year's trick!} We gifted her with a box of microwave popcorn & an IOU for 40 Redbox movies! SHE LOVED IT....sadly we had to tell her that was not her real gift......
Wishes came true....like pink cowboy boots
.....pants with a skirt buttoned to the back
....baby dolls
& a camera!
Even the baby in the belly received a couple gifts!
There are somethings that only an aunt can convince this girl to be "cool" things....a "bag" {she will not admit that this is a purse} & a headlight!
The evening quickly came to a close....BUT we all left happy....we have each other!
A Very Merry Christmas Eve it was!

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