Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Day.....

a month late....or at least blogging about it a month late! Hoping this is not indicative of my year to come!
Santa did his thing......
& 2 happy girls were the end result!
This one & her LOVE for Toy Story!
This one & her LOVE for crafting!
Even excited about their momma made gifts....makes me happy!
The girls get to shop at school for family members prior to Christmas.....Kayden got Jon an orange hat & Emery got him a wooden puzzle.....I love the thoughtfulness that goes behind each purchase & the sheer joy they see in watching the receiver open up "their gift"!
After opening gifts & a quick bite to eat we headed over to Jon's parents house were the gifting continued! It was a rather rapid gift opening this year & my pictures were scarce.....sometimes though when I let go of the pressure to capture every. single. moment. I find I am ever more present in the moment & those times are worth the lack of pictures in the end!

2 little girls received their 1st EVER electronic device.....& their grandparents went BIG!
I-Pads!! I'm still struggling with today's technology ways.....I know I need to give in somewhat but it is a HUGE struggle for me. I'll leave my soap box at that.....they're happy ladies!
It was a VERY relaxing day surrounded by family.....so relaxing this momma took a 2 1/2 hour siesta!! There aren't too many days I can admit to that!

We came home to try & squeeze in 1 more viewing of Polar Express before the magic quickly disappeared! The lengthened-relaxing-soaking-up-this-time-with-my-babies was wonderful! A gift in and of itself!
Christmas came & went extra fast this year......such a let down every year when it's over. I do love to pack everything up & feel that sense of de-clutter but we are all left with a bit of sadness too! Oh well.....the train continues to speed on & all too soon it will be Christmas again!

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Erika Reiner said...

Forget comments...I'm calling you on this one! HOLY FANCY CHRISTMAS!!!!