Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prepping for Santa

Outside: Food sprinkling
......of the reindeer sorts!
Inside: Santa Tracking
......& maybe hearing a jingle or 2 which quickly ran them off to their rooms!
{must mention a story....as of course this is a journal of sorts for my girls to look back at some day!....Kayden wanted her stocking hung in her room. O.K....done! Emery then decided she wanted hers in her room also....but upon walking in her room she firmly stated "NOPE HE'S NOT STEPPING FOOT IN MY ROOM"....& that stocking was placed on the floor right outside her door!! Love that kid!}
Santa & elves got busy!! Lots of wrapping which I have a love/hate relationship with!
Had some fun with thrifted yarn this year.....
World Market was dangerous this year.....all the mushroom/gnome/cottage/german stuff! STOP!
Everything was quiet as a mouse, cleaned up, & ready at the very early hour of 3 am!

1 comment:

Erika Reiner said...

I have to say...I am WAY impressed with your cohesive wrapping style. This year ours was hodge podge and we didn't use bows. Bows are really just another toy for our crazy cat who usually ends up ripping the paper along with pulling the bows off. UGh...not a pretty look for under the tree. HA!