Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baseball 2012

Baseball season kicked off many weeks ago....good thing we love it so much because adding 1 more thing to our list of "to do's" during the school makes life a bit more interesting {said in the most positive way!!}! Especially since Jon coaches both of the girls' teams! Who knew there was politics in kids baseball?? It's true. I tell NO lies! But we love it all the same!

A perk to daddy being Head Coach: He deems Emery #6 
{hint: she's 6 y/o}

& Kayden #8 {hint: she's 8 y/o}!! YEP! BIG PERKS!

I think he does a great job coaching.....these little ones are his fav age to coach!! They do try oh so hard & listen well!! We got 3 kids from our team last year who requested Jon as their kids' coach! GOOO JON!! 

This age is a little tougher to coach & we've had ourselves a rough season! It's tough to be the looser....for the kids & the parents! Everyone likes to win....no matter how "let's not take this game so serious" kind of person you are!!

We started out the season with some BRRRRR kind of weather but TN hates to keep things cool & we've quickly turned to sweating our back ends off! 

Jon's Parents attempting to stay warm

goooooOOOOOO PIRATES!! Arrrrrrrr! 

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