Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Laurel Falls Hike

My postings to this space haven't even been patchy....they've come to a screeching halt! I don't have a reason, I so love this space as a journal for myself & family to be able to look back on all the memories we make.....sometimes BIG & sometimes small! True it appears that all is happy & perfect but it's just what I choose to "journal" to these pages....we too have our bad days! Life is busy & my pull to this space just wasn't strong in the last month although we haven't been couch potato's eating Bon Bon's! It exhausts me to think about going backwards & starting from where I left off....so I'm just picking up from present....minus this post! This is a hike we took many weeks ago.....it was a Friday & a much needed day of being hugged by nature!! My family of 4 requires this now & then.....a good hike. Sometimes running....sometimes walking....sometimes quiet....sometimes noisy....sometimes noticing little nuggets of nature.....sometimes just looking ahead & pondering life. Yet when we step off those trails all just seems well with the world! For many hours we've left our worries at the doorstep of that trail! Soooo many good things about where we live....but one in particular is we are able to visit places we've never been & on some occasions places that my husband {who grew up here} have never been!

Cave:looking out
Cave:looking in
Always the leader of our hikes 

My loves....

A fav of our....hidden hearts
Not posed
Circa 1976.....I was a 1 y/o

Climb through small "hole" to get to the falls

I could have stayed here.....

 We left happy indeed!

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