Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dinner Round The Table

It's already been a whirlwind of a summer.....but we're having a blast & making memories...FUN memories!! These are the days that going to the pool WAYYYY out weighs staying home to keep a sparkling house! Then quickly coming home to hit the ball fields & then running home to hop into bed only to start a new adventure the next day!! Ball ended last week....we love it while it's here but we love it when it ends! It opens up our evenings.....last night was our 1st at home together as a family! We didn't even make it to the pool.....rather we took an afternoon nap {most of us that is!}& then when I realized Emery was not going to give in to a beautiful afternoon rest {you'll regret it one day sister!} I got up & googled a cobbler recipe! While Kayden kept on a snoozin' we played with peaches, blackberries, flour, sugar, butter {mmmmm butter!!}, baking powder, milk, and cinnamon & sugar! It took a little longer to put it together but a lazy summer afternoon memory was made!  
 No worries, we each took a bite before dinner....just to make sure it turned out!
 Pretty sure Jon was the most excited about sitting in our usual spots forming a semi-circle!
 On the menu:
French Lentils/Quinoa
Roasted Okra
 Ending in this YUMMY gooey goodness!! 
I found myself even smiling during clean up....Jon wrangling up FULL OF ENERGY GIRLS for baths....mmmmmm love these summer days!

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