Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The REAL 4th of July

Is it just Chattanooga or your town too? We have fireworks the night before the 4th....I'm told the point of that: so that people can have the next day off work! I don't understand this theory because I'm not a Mon-Fri/9-5 kind of worker & I have to work certain holidays throughout the year! But anywho! We spent the day with some great friends poolside! It couldn't have turned out any better....even though the sun was NOT shining & the rain threatened to shut down our day!

These girls swam their hearts out....
not a one single time little fights to break up....
they happily ate on the cement....
& promptly returned to the water for water gun wars....
& more fun friend time
 In fact it was such a perfect day that Brooke & I never left this view & we were on the verge of acquiring some sore on our behinds due to sitting in the same spot ALL. Day. Long. Yep a pretty perfect day indeed!
  After the sun went down the kids enjoyed some sparklers....a 4th of July MUST
 This sweet little thing didn't quite care for noise but suffered through!
 We even got in on some neighborhood firework wars!
 One neighborhood sets some off & the next one tries to beat them! We just got lucky & had double the fun!
 & by the end of the night so much fun had been had that no one wanted to separate! Good memories!

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