Sunday, July 15, 2012

Siesta Key.....part I

{ We have GREAT friends.....LOTS of them....I'm not bragging....we'll maybe I am...YES I AM! I can should brag because they deserve to be placed on pedestals....& the greatness they posses has not a 1 single thing to do with us!}
We were invited to join our friends {the Musicks} to their family's beach house in Siesta Key, FL! Our answer to a free place to stay? DUH!! 

We were quickly greeted by a bird that has been rightly nick-named "hot dog bird" for his nightly visits to the back porch....
 for hot dogs, of course!!
 We headed to the beach for a short visit before the sun set only to be face to sky with gorgeous shades of grey & black! So we headed back to the house for dinner....joining couches together to make a "crows nest"....
 & explore our home for the next few days!
 There were so many things about this house that took me happily back to my childhood....days spent at my great-grandparents twin beds! {side fact: you can join 2 twin beds....pile a couple blankets in the crack & it instantly can sleep 4 people!} The only difference, I think my great-grandparents read actual hard covered books....not virtual ones!
 Jon & I got up early {in vacation terms!} the next morning to run! We took a little detour along the way....who wouldn't?
 Upon return to the house breakfast was wolfed as quickly as possible because there was much of this fun to be had:
 We experienced a 1st as a family....I found a starfish!
 Needless to say we were just as excited as the kids....I will fully confess to the fact that I excitedly said YES to keeping it but with much handling an appendage fell off & we decided to release him back to the ocean where he would grow a new one!

We came home from a fun day at the beach, cleaned up & headed out for dinner! 
{hi pouty pants!}
 We never pass up Mexican

We got home from dinner in time for a beautiful sunset.....

 A little fun with the setting sun.....
 Kissing the sun....

 Perfect ending to a perfect day....
 Tree climbing...icing on the cake!

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