Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 1st- something was lost

Just when I thought my Emery Grae was going to enter the 1st grade with all her perfect chicklet teeth in place she proved me wrong!
It's exciting.....scouring the house for an envelope & writing "tooth fairy" on the outside....leaving no room for doubt as to who should pick up this treasure!
 The anticipation of what $$ will be left under your pillow the next morning....
 It's a milestone for sure!
 She was proud!
 & excited but this is my girl who has been questioning Santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, ect for some time now!
 & it's rocky ground to tread because we want that innocence, that magic, that excitement to stick around just a little while longer.....yet she despises the thought of that make believe person entering her room! 
With some convincing though she tucked her little tooth in the pocket of her ugly doll & went to bed....dreaming of what change she would wake to!

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