Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th day of July

What we do on this day every year started out 8 years ago when little thing here was just a babe....it started out with simple plans to meet family in downtown Chattanooga to ooooo & aaawwww over fireworks! With a blanket, bottle, paci, & baby in tow we began an evening that would soon turn into a much anticipated tradition!! Now there are appetizers, bubbles, decorations, special drinks, flags, chairs, blankets, sparklers, dessert, dressing up in Red/White/Blue of some sort, oh & the list goes on! The Chattanooga Symphony plays music in the background while adults chat & kids run barefoot in the grass playing & laughing! GOOD MEMORIES....what I want my girls to grow up with...traditions that they anticipate & love yet simple....it's what I grew up with!!
With that being said this year held different plans....plans of staying closer to home & avoid too much traffic! We still donned stars & stripes....
....we still had decorations {THANK YOU TAMMY MUSICK!!}
There was still yummy food....
We still took our annual pictures....
The kids still ran around & laughed....only on cement & not barefoot
There were still decorations....of the facial nature
.....glow sticks were still a HUGE hit
We could still see our flag waving in the distance
we still ooooo'd & awwwww'd over the fireworks
AND we when got home we were still filled with smiles & memories & thankfuls of a fun night with family & friends & most of all FREEDOM & dirty feet {sure signs of a good night!}!!
We'll go back to our usual spot next year but I was reminded that you can still make good memories & have fun in new places!

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