Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Have I every mentioned my slight {complete exaggeration...I'm petrified!} fear of my girls & water? I'm a good swimmer, I had lessons as a child....I'm not sure where this fear comes from? It's there I cannot deny it! The most bizarre part of this fear?......I only started the girls in swim lessons last summer?! But it proved to be a very good learning tool & my anxiety has definitely lessened! So needless to say this year was a no brainer in "will we do lessons or won't we do lessons"? A friend said to me one day "to me swimming lessons are a matter of keeping up with my girls' health"! TRUE!!

We had a great 2 weeks....or should I say THEY had a great 2 weeks!
 Kayden started in Level 4....on the 1st day I could see from afar that the instructor was having her do different strokes but not the other kids so I went over to do some investigation! Upon walking up to the instructor he said she was far to good for Level 4 & she was moved to Level 5 with a 10 & 11 y/o! PROUD MOMMA MOMENT!
 Same with my Ems....upon the ending of her 1st lesson her instructor stated that she needed to move from Level 2 to Level 3! YIP YIP for my good swimmers despite their momma getting a late start on lessons!!
 Emery started learning some basic strokes & progressed well during the 2 weeks!
 While Kayden perfected basic strokes & learned some new ones!
 Emery & her best friend that she made in Kindergarten
 Kayden also practiced diving & going directly into a certain stroke....
 While Emery practiced learning to dive....
 & shimmying down a pole to the bottom of 10' pool!
A very worth-every-penny-spent 2 weeks of our summer!

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