Monday, November 28, 2011

Bug Party

Emery's class had a unit study on bugs.....all kinds of bugs! At the end of that study they made Monarch Butterfly wings! We {or they} then migrated to "Mexico".........
.......or to a local Alzheimer Home but who's keeping track? They sang several songs & those old people ate it up!
They passed out cards & I'm telling you these people need so little.....they were beaming from ear to ear {except for that old man.....but he was very appreciative in his own way!!}
While they continued migrating I made my way back to their classroom & got things decorated for a BUG PARTY! I signed up to be "Home Room Mom" & so far it's allowed me to get my creative juices flowing......economically!
The parents brought in different "bug foods" & although the kids didn't eat everything served they sure did have fun looking at it all!
It was a fun day.....
and although this little thing can make me crazy ALOT she also makes me smile ALOT!
I can't believe she's already in Kindergarten. NOoooooo.

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Erika Reiner said...

So behind on reading blogs and posting at the same time!!! I love this one of EM! Her class makes bugs VERY cute and less scary for this auntie!