Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grandparents Day

It's a day for the girls to show off their music talent's, art projects, classroom's, teacher's, friends....oh & so much more {like dragging them into the Book Fair & sucking ever penny out of them!}! I'm sure.....NO I KNOW we take for granted far too often that we have both grandparents {AND a great-grandmother} very close by.....I'm reminded of that "take for granted-ness" when this day rolls around & other kids are not as fortunate to have a GRAND-parent to oooohhhhh & awwwww over!

These 2 people spoil these girls & they're not ashamed to admit it!
Artist: Emery- age 5
Artist: Kayden- age 7
We hope you all {even the ones missing from the pictures} how MUCH your loved!

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