Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SQUEEZING in 1 more......

.....maybe 2 or 3 fall posts before that last month of the year sneaks in! After all fall is one of my FAVORITE times of the year!
I LOVE the flexibility my "career" brings me....I am a nurse. I work 12 hour shifts. I am Part Time, meaning I am only required to put in 24 hours a week, with 2 call shifts in a 6 week period. I complain about work here & there but I am ultimately grateful for my job & the 5 other {usually} days I have off to be a "stay-at-home-mom"! We don't have money coming out our behinds but we live comfortably. We have 2 cars, we have a house which keeps us dry/cool/warm/safe & have running water/toilets/showers, we have health/dental insurance, our kids go to a school where they learn about GOD & can love Him freely {I know thats HUGE RIGHT?!!!}, our bellies are PLENTY full, we have clothes......WOW I'm gonna stop cause now I'm feeling a little braggish {I'm aware this is not a word!}. Really my point is: I work enough to keep insurance & help out with some bills but ultimately I work to get by.....to be able to focus MOST of my time on being with my girls while they're young. For the days I'm off seem to run smoother....ish! I can help get them off to school, I can pick them up, I can get them to their various activities, make sure homework is complete, violin is practiced, ect AND go on field trips! I love to tag along & watch them interact with friends {did I act that way as a kid???!!!}......feeling happy that, for now, they want me close by!
This was a field trip to the Mayfield Dairy Plant & Farm
This oldest of mine doesn't necessarily have 1 or 2 "best friends" rather she is a "jack of all trades" kind of girl.....she seems to just fit in with whoever is around & is loved by many! She gets that GREAT trait from her daddy!

All too soon I'm gonna be SOOO 2000 & eight! So I'll take it while the takins' good {time spent with these 2 girls of mine}!

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