Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I thought that even though I'm on a roll of staying behind on blogging I best get the Halloween pictures out right before Thanksgiving rolls around!! It was a whirlwind of a's not recognized holiday after all.....well in the sense that the world does not stop for this day! So field trips, lunch parties, dance, OH YA and even a 7th Anniversary still were smashed into this day!! We had a fun day even through the busy!

1st year EVER that my girls decided they had an opinion on what they wanted to "be"
Meet the 80's Rock Star.....and yes the sassiness was part of the "Rock Star" look!
& Buzz Light Year.....or Buzz Lightening Year as she prefers to call him!
Our candy collecting crew
For obvious reasons I just can't help but LOVE HER GUTS!! She was a cute little bumble bee.....last minute she found a pair of Mr Potato Head glasses & decided they were a must needed accessory!
My oldest niece never fails us on the greatest won't see a sole dressed up like her.....par for her she's always ONE OF A KIND on Halloween!
My littlest has an obsession.....ALL THINGS SPACE! So duh, that's why she dressed up in a "boy's" costume....girls can be space people to ya know! Her daddy found a constellation app & it became it her FAV thing that night!
The closest Jon & I got ALL day on our anniversary......taking each other's pictures!
Interesting Fact: did you know Buzz wore pink undies? {not really a fact but it was became Emery's}
This girl did not mess with the Rock Star sassy attitude!
ANNNNDDD whent he wig was no longer wanted her Auntie decided to get in on the fun!
Youngest's must STICK's the only method of survival!
Mom's of this crew....well minus a few
Of course loot sorting is a must! I must say the promptly the next day this one took all but 8 or 10 pieces of candy to her school to be weighed and sent to our Soldiers in Irac! A plus....she made $2.50!
Enough fun for 1 day......passed out before we even pulled out of our friends' neighborhood!
Happy Anniversary JON HUGHES.....cheers to NEVER EVER forgetting the date in which we wed! I love you more every year & THANK YOU for these 2 precious babies you've given me.....even through our crazy day....we were crazy TOGETHER!


Erika Reiner said...

You have got to show Kayd the picture on FB of me and my brother when we were little for Halloween. I was dressed as a punk rocker and was literally the 80's....LOL

kristi said...

happy halloween and happy thanksgiving...time is slipping away. your girls look awesome.