Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another baby & it's a GIRL {I know you weren't surprised!}

As a family we hate to disappoint so Karlie & Matt totally planned to have a girl to carry on tradition!! O.K. God I think we finally get it.....maybe?!

Karlie is due end of January & they are planning on moving to the Chattanooga area in the next couple weeks! We are excited! I think this comes as a bittersweet move.....for Karlie especially! She really started a whole new life for herself there.....grew up a whole bunch & made such great friends....some that might as well be family! So the good-bye's will come with sadness even though this change is because of something great...a sweet little girl!!

We made our way to Knoxville a couple Sunday's ago.......her 2nd mom {aka her boss} & 3rd sister {the boss's daughter} threw her a baby shower prior to her move!

Prior to the shower we snapped some pregnancy photo's!
I love how her shirt has made a heart around her belly.....NOT PLANNED!
The parents of Mckenzie Grace
This girl has NO CLUE what she's in for.....let just say "personal space" will not be a part of her vocab!
Sister's part I
Sister's part II
Check yourself!
Then on to the shower we went
{Desi & Lori....2nd mom/boss & 3rd sister/daughter of boss}
It was beautiful!! Everything was mini & yummy!
SINFUL! {nutella sandwiched in french be dipped in syrup!!}
She was definitely showered.....
She did NOT want a traditional diaper bag....Vera Bradley is good for non-traditional
Tearful grandma made each girl a quilt & sweater/hat/bootie set! She was SURE Karlie would be the carrier of a she had pre-made & tucked away {prior to leaving this earth} 2 blankets along with the sweater/hat/booties!
Blue is the new pink no?! Paired with some leggings & great one will know it was secretly meant for a boy!
Some weirdo's were invited to the event....not identified but photo taken
ummmm who's the cute little blonde german girl?!
{found this little brown wool sweater at a consignment sale for $3 or $4 with the greatest embroidered detailing! it's a size 3 & meant to be a dress but I HAD to have it so a shirt it is}

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