Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reindeer Food

This was our 1st year that at least one of our girls have not been in daycare.....HOW DO I HAVE 2 SCHOOL AGED GIRLS??? Anyways.....every Christmas while we had a daycare goer we'd have at least 1 jar of Reindeer food to feed those helpful animals Christmas Eve!
We couldn't not feed them so we made some of our own! I just scoured our shelves at home for some random foods, jars, & what girl infested home doesn't have glitter on had at all times?!
Our Reindeer Food Recipe {for this year at least!}: Steel Cut Oats, Glitter, Powder Sugar, Nutritional Yeast, & Organic Blue Chips...crushed!
The girls each had their own ways about filling the jars....older 2 were very precise with the layering while the younger 2 just poured!
Once the jars were filled to their satisfaction I topped each with a piece of fabric and some green & red string!
I know at least 1 house whose Reindeer were MIGHTY happy with the yumminess spread all over the front lawn!!!

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