Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Snow Globes

Kayden had a play date one afternoon leaving her sister feeling a little left out! MOMMA TO THE RESCUE! At some point over Christmas break I wanted to make snow globes with the girls! Am I alone in terms of making a craft more complicated than it needs to be? This day called for an instant gratification craft NOT to be complicated by this momma!
Best part of this can be done super cheap! I'm sure there is a super techy expensive way to do this but we went in the opposite direction!
up-cycle any jar of any size {our were gifted to us by auntie kristi}
this entire project was kid friendly.....Emery was able to do every single step which also made the craft much more enjoyable.....let's be real what kid likes their momma stepping in every other minute?
put a little hot glue on the bottom of the figurines......
place them on the inside of the jar lid {important step prior to gluing: play with your figurine placement, making sure you can screw your jar & lid without the figurines getting in the way}....
.....while waiting for the hot glue to dry completely add as much glitter as you please
.....fill to the top {almost to the point of spilling over} with water
........maybe not an essential step but fun: stir in the glitter completely
screw the lid on SUPER TIGHT!! WALA! DONE!
Only thing left to do is watch your child shake & enjoy....shake & enjoy!
when the shaking & enjoying is over place on mantel so that other's can shake & enjoy!
At some point I will hot glue some hemp ribbon around the lid to cover up the wording....but again not mandatory!
Plus side of having to make a quick stop for figurines.....finding these hard yummy candies that I remember eating somewhere when I was a kid!!
The afternoon craft was a cheap HIT & she quickly forgot that her big sister was off playing without her!

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Heather said...

This is very cool!! Where do you find the figurines?