Monday, December 12, 2011


I promise not to post every single time this child has a violin recital because they are going to come frequently these days. For she has an awesome teacher that thinks it's a) good to become comfortable performing in front of people. b) helps with the memorization factor!
Rather I'm posting again because I love to watch my girls' personalities shine out in different area's of their lives!
This post particularly shows 2 of my oldest's:

1st trait: her "fashion" as she refers to it!
Target recently came out with a Gwen Stefani line called Harajuku Mini......needless to say this was right up her ally! We are mainly consignment {2nd hand} clothes shoppers but once in a while we have to fill in with store purchased items out of necessity! This necessity worked out in her favor....recital/church appropriate yet her style=bonus!!
2nd trait: She goes to a place that I have never seen her go to when she plays this violin! You think she's looking at someone but NO....she's completely in the moment playing that instrument & it makes me enjoy watching her all the more!!
OH & that SILLY SILLY younger one of mines. EEEEK! I love her & kiss her face a bazillion times a day.....wake or sleep!

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