Friday, December 30, 2011


I have plenty of Christmas blogging to do but I'm taking a break! Cause that's exactly what we did today......took a break from all our lounging and Christmas toys! We {maybe more the parents than the girls} decided a few hours in God's playground was a MUST!
We always seem to find a theme on our long hikes which involves only the 4 of us! Today I realized how much color POPS during these cold, short, sometimes dreary winter days.
Also we found several crosses....
We seem to follow a pattern....stopping frequently during the beginning of our trek....during the middle the girls are ready to go.....& then we are booking it during the last couple miles!
Funnest find of the day.....a tree that was as old as their Aumie {my mom}!! Tree ring counting is pure entertainment!
One of my favorite colors found....a coral color!
Even through some whining it was really just what we needed....a little fresh air!

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