Monday, December 12, 2011

Birthday of the baby sister!

She's another year older & this probably will be one her most memorable birthdays ever.....not because we threw her a BIG BASH....not because she stayed out having fun till 3am on her birthday night shakin' her booty.....not because she got 4 ct diamond earrings.....NOPE! In fact none of that happened rather something far greater! She has a special little lady growing in her belly & that was a gift in & of itself!
But later on in the week we got together for a yummy meal made by mom & sang some "Happy Birthday To You" tunes.......
Try as we always try for a good perfect smiling picture.....the silly ones always turn out perfect....!! We're just all a little cookoo like that!
Happy Birthday {a little late} baby sister.....can't wait to see you step into mommy-hood!

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