Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Program's

The girls had their Thanksgiving programs SEVERAL weeks ago....but you least I'm not posting this in January right?! I am Emery's "Room Mom" & I decided that decorating on a budget was much more my thing than feeding 200+ people on a budget!! Right away I knew I was going to incorporate nature with our decor....can't get any cheaper than that!! Gourds, mason jars, hemp rope, "wheat like" stuff, rocks.......this was going to all come together...I hoped!! Once I unpacked the car into the room where the lunch/program would occur I began to panic....would it look cheap & silly??
Funny how a little hemp rope tied around a fork/napkin can simply snazz things up a bit!
Jon scoured a creek finding 48 small rocks {oh the requests of crazy mom's!}.....each donned with a child's name! Adding just that little personal touch to each table!
It all came together great if I can say so myself!
We then happily welcomed in our Pilgrims & Indians for there special program
So much fun to watch your little ones perform! Proud moments I tell you!
With moments to spare we quickly made our way to Kayden's classroom for a smaller lunch & ballad which took place in the classroom! {the kindergarten class is known for a BIG program!}
Always a silly one in the bunch!
Always thankful for SO much & specifically that day a wonderful school where they learn SO much everyday, are loved by their teachers, are kept safe, & are able to learn about God & love him freely!! OH & all the while they're having fun doing all the above!!

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Erika Reiner said...

Great job decorating sis!!! So cute!!!