Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Program

LOVE LOVE LOVE the times when we get to sit back and watch 10's & 10's & 10's of kids singing/playing their little hearts out all to the glory of God & their adoring family in the audience! Precious fleeting times.....
thank GOODNESS she's still ok with me getting up close & personal for some photo's.....did you spot the boy?!! Love all the silliness! angel
& this tween niece of mine....when did she become such a young lady! she is NOT so cooperative with the camera but when a 5 year old grabs your camera sometimes it's all for the capturing the niece playing her heart out {back row 3rd one in}!
The adoring family members.......
and this year we have the youngest auntie close by to attend all their little programs!

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