Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Emery's Christmas Party

I've not allowed myself to spend too much time on Pinterest......for the obvious reason.....I could loose myself in all those great ideas......I think it would be a little harsh to make the girls walk home from school...no?!! BUT here & there I peruse that crafty space.....found this idea several months ago & knew it was the perfect gift for Emery's Kindergarten teachers! Jon & I made an in-the-house date night out of it! He made the "B" & I made the "H"!

{forgive the lighting as we had far to much rain this December}
My girls have been blessed with great teachers.....we are especially fond of their Kindergarten teachers!! {Kayden had the same teachers} As some of you know we had tornado's come through our area this past spring.....Mrs Huggins home was completely lost. When we handed her this frame she started crying.....2 years ago when Kayden was in this classroom we gifted these same teachers marble magnets that had each letter of their last name. She told us how she had cherished those magnets.....they were placed on a file cabinet in their office. After the tornado they walked around the grounds which used to hold their home......she found several of those magnets in the dirt! Needless to say we were both crying & we WILL be making some more magnets for this special lady!!!
......and for Kayden's teacher {not sure you can ever go wrong with this gift}
thrifted piping cord for the ribbon & brown paper bag tags.....teacher gifts were a success!
Emery's last day of school before break was filled with party'ing!
.....that crinkled nose & squinty eyes get me every time!!
each kid got a few swings at the piƱata........
.....alas Jon had to give the final blow to break it open!
pin the star above the stable.....
the party ended with singing/acting out The 12 days of Christmas.....
AND we happily left to begin our 2 week break!!


Heather said...

Have you seen the melted crayons on canvas idea on Pinterest? Marla did one for the nursery....pretty cool looking!

Amie said...

Love the crayon idea! A very sweet blog. :)

Erika Reiner said...

very cool hon! I love the "H"! I hope no teachers were injured with the pinata opening!!! haha! Jon looked fierce!