Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1st Day of School 2012....

We've had a great summer. Plain & simple it's been fun. We had some extra time with friends & family.....bonds grew even tighter. We relaxed. We played. We got kissed by the sun on multiple days. We made some REALLY GREAT memories this summer. So last night we tried hard to fall back into our "school rhythm". We got our back to school "to do's" completed. We went to bed early for the 1st time ALL SUMMER. We clipped nails. We scrubbed extra good during bath time. We laid out our clothes. We had a good meal around the table, just the 4 of us. We packed school supplies in new backpacks. We set out brand new shoes. We tucked summer reading book reports in our backpacks. We planned our "1st day back to school lunch". We shuffled through the "must do's" that the night before school brings. But there was unspoken sadness lingering in the house all evening.....because hands down, no questions, we had a GREAT SUMMER! 

But the alarm let out it's cry at 6am & we slowly stumbled out of bed still with a bit of sadness lingering but mostly excitement that the 1st day back to school brings {well at least for them}!
I love to watch their personalities continue to unfold, this one scoured magazines till she spotted the perfect owl backpack. She new without much thought she wanted to wear a navy skirt but didn't care what color of top. She new that she wanted a side pony tail with Shirley Temple curls, just like her Aumie fixes it. 
 This one set out in search of a black backpack but settled on blue {her 2nd favorite color}. She knew that she wanted to wear a plaid skirt & red shirt & her tie. She knew that she wanted this flower headband in her hair & consented to watering down some of her bed head followed by a little blow dryer action {all of which she hates!} 
  Oh these 2......I love them. Even on those tough "I could pull all my hair out days".....yes we've had plenty of those this summer! They may never be best of friends but they sure do look out for each other when no one else does!
 Emery is starting 1st grade.....we had Mrs Smith with Kayden & just LOVE her!!
 Good-Bye's went well for her, she hugged a lot but seemed fine with us leaving & for that I am thankful....
 Kayden is starting 3rd grade.....we do not know this teacher but we've heard only WONDERFUL things about her & are very excited to get to know her this year!
Strangely enough she seemed a bit more indifferent today.....I couldn't really read her which made it a bit more tough for this momma to leave the room!
 Daddy......oh do these 2 get ever so irritated with my picture taking! ONE DAY! ONE DAY I TELL YOU YOU'LL BE THANKFUL!!
 Her sweet teacher
Looking forward to a fun year.....knowing 1st grade will bring more learning than playing & hearing that 3rd grade is a whole new ball game!! Cross country/Dancing/Violin for Kayden. Gymnastics/Violin for Emery. It's going to be another busy year.....but I will choose not to dwell on the busy rather be grateful for an awesome school with awesome opportunities/staff & 2 VERY HEALTHY girls who I adore & live for!! 

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Heidi said...

LOVE the jumping picture! Be very thankful for your pictures. It was a busy morning and I didn't get the greatest pictures... now I'm sad. LOVE this back to school post!