Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back-To-School-Celebration....GIRLS ONLY!

My sister & I decided collectively that a pre-back to school celebration was in order.....of the GIRLS ONLY sort!! Our girls are crazy wild about staying at a hotel....I too find it to be a fun little get away! Jon & I have stayed downtown in a hotel on a date night.....there's something about it that just makes you feel like you've just been on a mini vacation!

The 2 oldest seem to always find themselves playing "office" or "restaurant".......
 while the younger 2 prefer bed know cause that's NOT allowed at home!
 Looking out the window is way better when you're 9 stories up......
 & elevator rides do not always mean you're going somewhere.....except up & down!
Dinner was at a Diner right down the road......sometimes you just have to give in to the greasy dive joints!
   Quesadilla Omelet....YUM!
 Swimming way past bedtime.....oh the rule breakers celebrations bring!
 Do you see that blurry blob? 
 Cannon ball contests were declared!
 I can't remember if this was a time out or intentional relaxing.....cause celebrations have no bearing on good behavior!
 Who says hallways aren't fun?
 Or wrapping up your hair?!
 The next morning we ALL {minus that spunky almost 4 year old} slept till almost was dreamy & needed & wanted! But as soon as our feet hit the floor 4 little people were begging for more pool time! Coming right up with a side of breakfast!
 We had a fun 19 hours together!! 
 One last hurrah before walking out.....going up & down the escalator!!
 The small BIG JOYS of life!! & ps old grumpy man who told my kids to quit playing on the might want to give it a whirl might bring a smile to your face!!
A perfect ending to an AWESOME SUMMER!!

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Heidi said...

SUPER FUN!! Some of my greatest childhood memories was our annual back-to-school shopping trip. Mom always made it fun & special... and always spoiled us. I promised Addison we would start that next year! But I love this back-to-school celebration over night trip idea!