Monday, August 20, 2012

MUD RUN 2012

We had SO much fun last year doing the Mud Run that when our friends asked us to join their team it was a NO brainer!! Mud, Friends, Fun, Race, Good Cause....YES PLEASE {benefits Habitat For Humanity}! Joel quickly came up with a team name of: MUDAGASCAR & my mind instantly starting turning with costume ideas! Painted shirts, painted knee socks, tails made from yarn......oh the fun! Some people get out there & take this race serious but this is one race in which there is WAY too much muddy fun to be had to take any part of it serious! Sliding down a tarp into a muddy pool pit, army crawling through muddy water, hopping through tires, rope swinging into a mud pit.....just to name a few obstacles with running {or walking} in between! The only part we took serious was costume making & not sure which was more fun.....the race or the night of painting?!! Madagascar 3 is centered around a Circus theme so we decided to incorporate that into our costumes....rainbow wigs & polka dot socks!

I proudly introduce you to: Gloria the Hippo {Teri-my running buddy & great friend}, Melman the Giraffe {me}, Marty the Zebra {twin sister}, King Julian the Lemar {Teri's husband, Joel & our friend}, Alex the Lion {my hubby}
 It was a morning filled with LAUGHING....seriously! You'd laugh at us too!!
 Pretty cool parents.....NO?
 Animals on the loose......caught by the law!
 Post Race.....this year was FAR more muddy which equaled WAY. MORE. FUN.!!!!!
 Boy you know you look good!
On our way back to the church parking lot someone noticed this.....quite fitting!! 
Seriously can't wait for next year!! Costumes, Mud, & ALL!! Thanks Henderson's for the invite!!


Heidi said...

I just want to BE THERE!! SO FUN! And quite proud of Kristi for all her muddiness! LOVE!

Cari said...

LOVE this!!! I saw pics of you on Jenny Clifton's Facebook and had NO IDEA that it was you! My sister tried to get me to do it this year but I was already working. Now I'm definitely planning on it next year!