Friday, January 16, 2009

3 years little!

Emery's "real" Birthday was Tuesday! We stayed home ALL day and the girls played and played.....their imaginations can run for hours!! It was just another day to her, at 3 it must be very confusing to have "Happy Birthday" sung more than 1 time cause she wasn't much up for it! When she woke up Jon, Kayden, and I sang "Happy Birthday" and she was saying "NO" to all of us with her face in my armpit while trying to kick Jon to make him stop!!!! Maybe she's upset with getting older....who knows!! Emery Grae Hughes, we love you and pray that Jesus gives us many more years to celebrate YOU!!!!!

Breakfast for 2...what could be fancier than Cherrios, PJ's, and a tiara???
.....see??...not so much up for this!!!
Now we're getting some smiles! A chalk bag for rock climbing!
Great book from mom! Emery loves trains right now, not partial to Thomas just trains in general!
....the BOOTS are back!!!! If you read a previous post about Emery's Lady Bug boots, you know she LOVED them and it was a traumatic day when they visited the trash!!! We had to get her another pair because I think her heart left with the boots!!

I have to say in ending this that my Grandma did not have the best evening Monday night (which was her B-day), she thought she was taking her last breaths. Home Health came Tuesday AM and didn't think she was alive by looking at her sleeping, encouraged mom to get Hospice involved. Despite her feeling terrible she WILLED herself to come to our house and celebrate Emery's Birthday because she felt like this would be her last.....that is love!


Heather Figueiredo said...

i love that cake!!!! i gotta show Heidi- she'll want to have it for Addi's 2nd bd this weekend.

Cari said...

The cakes turned out so cute!