Friday, January 16, 2009

Tay's Cupcake Party!

Taylor's Birthday was last Sunday and she wanted a "game party" with a cupcake theme! Kristi had 23 kids and uncounted number of adults squeezed into her house and played various games!! The kids had great time and I think the adults heads were still making noises after the party ended!!! Can't believe my little niece is 9!!! I love you sweet girl!!!

Cousins....minus a baby who was taking a nap!
Taylor and Kristiana
The masterpiece cupcake cake....delish!!!
Gram used every ounce of energy to bring herself to the party, no one made her she WANTED to be there!
I think the day will soon come when she may pass me up in height!
On our way out the door....good time, smiling faces, and balloons!

Me and my girls!

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