Thursday, January 1, 2009


We packed up the kids and went up to our friends' house, Kami and Carter, for a sleep over along with our Highfield friends and had a great night together!!! Lots of food, talking, and laughing!

Introducing all the kids!!!
Hudson (4 of 4 Highfields kids)
Emery Grae and Gracie Bleu (3 of 4 Highfield kids)

Lani Fowler (Kami and Carter's daughter)....hhhhmmm what will '09 bring?? A new sibling??
Luke (2 of 4 Highfield kids)
......and Weston (1 of 4 Highfield kids)!!
Jon and Carter found the "ball dropping" from '07 on You Tube and we played it around 9:00 for the kids....they were totally thinking it was midnight!!! Thanks Regis and Kelley!!!

Yeah!!!! Happy New Year!!!!
I told Kayden that at midnight you have to kiss someone. She came up beside me and wouldn't stop kissing my face off!!!!
Last '08 Hughes family portrait....that's a framer!!!! I need to blog about all Emery's many faces I've caught on camera!!
Me and my Jessica
Brian and Jon with their Happy New Years kids!!
....obviously more that one camera going...

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The Hadfields said...

Looks like good times. The Highfield kids are growing, I still can't believe they have 4 kids!!
Happy New Year!